It's time to release you

Subject: It's time to release you
From: Somebody who was once your everything
Date: 2 Apr 2016

It’s time to release you...

Our memories...
Our First Moment
The first day we started texting each other, was also the first day we met at the mall in person. Silly me I was at the mall since 2:30pm that day and we only met after 7pm. I was eager and so excited to meet this girl I clicked with so well. When I met you we were both so nervous with each other but there was definitely something there and “we knew it”.
Our first kiss
It was Wednesday evening about 5 days after we first met, I remember that day like it was yesterday, in fact I remember everyday with you like it was just yesterday. This evening you came over to spend it with me for only the few hours we had, we cherished it so well. We first couldn’t shut each other up, well me anyway. It was an amazing feeling to get lost in your eyes so quick so soon. All I wanted was to kiss you but I was way to nervous and afraid to ask. We began playing chess as a thing to kind of get ourselves distracted, I was hoping it would be my ticket in to kiss you. At end of the game I finally got the balls to say can I kiss you? You replied with maybe.. yup. Maybe! I just couldn’t sit back anymore as I could tell you were shy, “I gave you a kiss and it was amazing”. Just wow!
Our first date by ourselves
Pizza hut, finally a date by ourselves. We did go on two previous double dates with yours and my friend but never by ourselves until this night. We got out and “went for a drive” and were deciding where to go when we came across pizza hut and we both smiled, laughed and kissed.
Our First laugh
It was so long ago now our first night staying at your parent’s house together, is my most memorable laugh, as we played games with our couple friend and then settled to watch a movie, we all shared laughs together but some moments more memorable where we had each other laughing with just the unbelievable amount of love we had growing for each other. “Just being together was enough”.
Our first I Love You
We were at your parent’s house and to keep away from your mom and dad while they were in the living room, we stayed in the kitchen playing battleship, what a fun moment in time that was for our relationship, you kicked my ass! You also said I love you and I was stupid and didn’t realize you actually meant it. Until later that night we began cuddling in the other room while watching Netflix, we were awake until almost 1am that night while your beautiful baby girl and parent’s were asleep upstairs, we fooled around kissing each other with such bliss when you once more said I love you, I very dumbly realized you actually did mean it earlier and immediately said I love you back and apologized for earlier, you just laughed at me being stupid… “Every minute I ever spent with you I always admired you”.
Our first sleep over
That night we played games with our couple friend was our first sleep over at your parent’s house, we didn’t do anything more than make out that night and cuddle big time, though that night was the night I realized your all I ever wanted, you and your daughter. “I was happier than I thought possible” you changed my life in more ways than I will ever be able to imagine and that I am thankful for.
Our first movie theatre movie
Oh wow this was so long ago now I’ve seen so many other movies in theatres since, the one I can remember us seeing is your favorite movie of all times pitch perfect the second movie. That was such an enjoyable night as we were living together at this point, so getting your mom to babysit so that we could have a few hours was truly amazing and definitely worth it, that movie was great you were right. “How I miss that smile”
Our first meeting each others families
I remember meeting your family pretty much right off the bat, I believe the first week of us knowing each other I was over at your house 2 or 3 times at least. I met your father and mother, your father was nice and easy going, your mother was sweet and innocent but still had me nervous the most! Your Brothers came later on but they were just like brothers is what I can say. Meeting my family took a little longer it wasn’t till almost mid November when we finally drove to my home town for you to meet my mother and step father, you got to meet four of my brothers as well. I wish you had met my father and my other brother but that never happened. “You were a spark to something I never saw”.
Our first Christmas
I got to spend Christmas with you and your family, and my was it a lot of fun! We spent the day by going to other family members house of yours. “I felt like a family with you and your daughter that year”.
Our first move in together
This day was fun! We had spent weeks before this finding the right place to move we couldn’t believe it when we found our little two bedroom duplex home, it was a dream come true. We jumped at the opportunity and against all odds we moved in a few days into march with a great deal made with previous tentants. We were so happy then, I remember going out with you to walmart and even target at the time and spending hundreds of dollars on things for our new beloved home. “Family love”
Our first fight
To get to and from work I was using your vehicle everyday so that we could afford our home. That almost tore us apart it was driving you crazy to being stuck in the house all day and it was driving me crazy for you going mad not being able to do anything and feeling so limited. We argued about how we would make this work and why we would. We loved each other so much that we pushed through our first big fight in our first home together. I realize now the things I should have done to prevent more fights from happening after that first initial one. Of course now is to late to realize. “Each moment lost we lost each other a little bit more”
Our first pets together
Sure we had a puppy and an old cat, but why not add another kitten to that mix! We loved the idea and we wanted our family to expand by so much. We drove an hour out of our way to go see kittens that we were lucky to find online, we stopped there and two caught our hearts. At this point there was no way we were leaving with only one kitten, so we took them both home to be apart of our family. “Love what you have and lost”
Our first walk together
We officially took a walk together when we lived together in our first home, we took “our” daughter in the stroller and just a simple half hour walk to a convience store and back. We made a lot of memories that day alone laughing about how the puppy would just cry and get special treatment by sitting in the stroller basket, the daughter falling asleep through the entire walk. What a “beautiful” night.
Our last move in together
Our last house had mold, yuck! So we found a really nice duplex in the country near your parents and decided to move there, it was the greatest choice we made together as a couple. We moved in and were so happy! Spent an entire wonderful summer there, some issues and fights but nothing we didn’t get over together. That house helped grow us both and I wanted nothing more then to always see you smile. “Live, laugh, and learn”.
Our last walk together
At the new house in the country we decided to take the wagon out for a test so we got “our” daughter into the wagon with the puppy “of course” and went on our way up the road to go buy some local strawberries. It was a nice day especially being summer and all. “The way you would look at me I thought I would always see”.
Our last great memory together
The cousin and his special lady came for a visit and on their visit we went to fundy park with them as a fun weekend thing to do. That was the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had with you, the laughs we had the pain we endured. It was a great rainy but over all sunny day at the national park, while we hiked a lot and you got exhausted I never left your side and always made sure you were okay to keep going. “You were the one in that moment of my life”.
Our last kiss
This one is a hard one to remember as it got real hard to remember things when our last moments together began, I believe it was Thursday the day before everything went to shit, we said I love you, we kissed and I apologized for the night before. Overall it was a horrible week.
Our last fight
This one breaks my heart, this is where it ended. We were having an insanely rough week on both of our selves we had worked so much up until this point that exhaustion was ruling us, and even more so my stupidity, I brought up the stupid argument of needing the car when you needed to go to work so close to when I needed the vehicle. I got really frustrated and let out words I should have never called you ever. That tore my own heart in pieces when I realized what I had done. I never regretted anything more in my life, because in that moment I knew I felt I was and had lost you. “something that pains me never seizes to stop hurting no matter how much I tell it I moved on”.
Your daughter
I saved the best for last. How I miss your daughter, I Miss her smile, her laughter when I threw her in the air, the late nights I had with her, the long afternoons we spent together while we let you sleep. It occurred to me that I had only ever changed her diaper twice how bad of me, I should have so done better than that, I should have argued with you to go to sleep and I stay up with her. She was and is my daughter that special place in my heart is forever hers as a love that is given is never forgotten. All those special moments the three of us share.. sorry the four us share including the puppy since she came everywhere with us. There is so many times we did great, and only so many few times where I or sometimes we could have done better. “The one who got away”.

The little things…
The way we use to kiss a thousand times over and over all in little doses in the sprint of a few minutes

The way you filled my notebook with love notes from your beautiful soul

The times we were insanely goofy with each other and thinking wow, we couldn’t be in any better or different place than right now with this person

All of our “home cooked” meals of rice and chicken, or rice and steak, or steak and fires, or chicken and fries.. our basic favorite dish.

The way you use the kissing sound to get my attention to give you a kiss

The way you annoyed me just to get a good laugh

everything we loved about each other is what drove us apart, ironic no?

with love,
forever & always

Somebody that you used to know