Internet: The Worst Enemy for Our Kids

Subject: Internet: The Worst Enemy for Our Kids
From: Parents of High School Students
Date: 19 Sep 2019

Sep 18, 2019 10:00 pm.
Dear parents of Highschool students,
I am writing this letter expressing all my love and respect to hard workers parents that sometimes cannot pay all the attention that they wish can to their kids. As college student I know that everything that I do affects my life, and everything that I post on social media can be critical in my future as student. Nowadays with the easy access to internet, our children can be an easy target to society, and little by little they are losing their innocence. It is not a surprise to find 14 years high school students posting explicit pictures on their social pages, seeing kids making racists comments, or even worse, when kids make sexual comments on Facebook. Our kids are expose to many things on internet, with an easy click their life can be ruined, and even if nothing bad happens in the moment, the actions that they make can affect their future. So that, I encourage parents to pay more attention to their kids, extra attention is never bad, with a tool that easy to be part as Internet, we must be part of our kids life, I encourage parents to be more stricted, everything has a time, everything has a moment, help your child to be a child, help your kid to have a future. Be more aware of what your child post on their social media, because that will never disappear even if they delete them, everything that they post will be on social media forever, this might affect their educational future, and even worst their social future.
Internet have shown that can be a helpful tool to use daily, its audience can be anybody from 1 year old to 80 years old, everybody uses internet, in fact, Internet is so popular that people cannot be without it. Meanwhile Internet is use it with good purposes can be productive, helping people to communicate in seconds around the world, making things easy. But sadly, with all the good things, bad things come too.
Young people are an easy target for internet, because young people are the new generation, who grew up with all the technology and advances of Internet, which in my personal opinion I think is awesome that they are able to have a good management of social media, but the bad thing about it, is that they are young with their world in a phone, they post everything on internet, and this can be really damaging for their future, talking about Laboral opportunities, studies, social life, etc. Because what you post on internet will stay forever there.
Teenagers spend several time in internet, affecting in their educational life, family time, and social life, because now they prefers to be with their phones 24/7 than paying attention to their classes, or even worse, kids nowadays are so into their social media life than their real life.
“Two hours used to be the golden rule for the amount of screen time young people should be allowed per day. That’s now being revised because it just isn’t realistic in the modern world where technology is used for education and social networking, as well as for entertainment. It’s more important to set limits on recreational screen time, and to focus on the quality of what your children are doing on their devices.”
Knowing this information, parents I encourage you to pay more attention to your kids, to spend time with them, to set up rules at home, a home with rules have kids with values, our kids should have the right to have a successful life. Sadly, life doesn’t give people second opportunities, and that is why parents should be a guide in their kids lives. Sometimes is better be strict, is better to follow what our kids do, what our kids post on their social pages, so that they will have a successful future, and no one will judge them for what they did in a past.
Karla Carranza
International Student at Grossmont College.