The incomplete story of US

Subject: The incomplete story of US
From: Yours biggest troublea
Date: 20 Feb 2018
the much needed gadget for US

Hey bebo,
Our love era started from a different turn, from the first time I heard your name to the time when we had our little conversations on fb I didn't know that you are gonna be the biggest change in my life. It all started when I gave u the heart made of chocolate wrapper on your b'day, but didn't expect it would be the CUPID of our love story. But I was really surprised when you proposed me after the board exams; and was bit scared If I may lose you because of our family and caste. Then we were the long distant type of couple, when everyone was planning for romantic dates we used to get glimpse of each other in public places.
However we did have break from our love era because I broke your trust and also we thought that we can't handle this relationship. But babe, I know you don't believe in fate and stuff, we were actually meant to be together, because our first kiss happened when we thought we don't fit in each other's life. And after two years of time, though had many options we still chose US than everything else.
Babe, as does the cliché goes I have travelled some miles and landed up right in your place, just to make you happy and capture some special moments in our story. But baby, despite I being the expressive lover in our relationship, you always proved that you loved me more by the way you treat me and the way you donthings just to make sure I am happy. My dear aashiqui, I have always been happy around u and will be happy, even your breathe is enough to make me feel secured and happy. Kumba, at present, we are on a mission to break the myth of being long distant couples, although already been through some hurdles and still have some to face , hope that we reach our destination and MAKE OUR DREAM HAPPEN!!
However, we have our long term lifeline goal which is to "pack our lives in a suitcase or two, travel the world and EAT till our heart's content, because a happy tummy means a happy heart" . So , this is our incomplete story, because we still have many parts to our story.
Loads of my dear snorlax!