Ill always be there .

Subject: Ill always be there .
From: 101215
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Dear , Him
We taught each other what it was like to be someone's world. I still think about how you have been i go through my phone every once and awhile and replay the memories in my mind when i look at our pictures and videos that i will always cherish for the rest of my life. I get downhearted because the miserable thoughts also consume my mind. But i also start to realize that you have taught me and gave me experiences i've never had before i know that there was a reason we had the bond that we did and that was because all the deep thoughts and secrets we shared with each other . All of our texts were full of bliss and joy we were perfect . We taught one another how to love the feeling of hearing someone's voice every morning and every night. You were just like every other boy i thought with the same intentions they all have. But there was something more about you that i fell in love with. I remember it like yesterday when we first met your bright brown eyes connecting to mine like two rubber bands. I never thought that anything could pull us apart i had the faith that we would always be happy and that nothing would ever go wrong.
After my freshman year that summer we didn't see each other as much so an eraser got to my mind and erased multiple feelings i had for you. I ended the relationship i thought that if we took a break then i would want you back even more the strength and feeling that we had would come back to us and our relationship would be how it use to be. We ended up still getting back together my sophomore school year had just started. I had multiple flashbacks about all the things we been through bickering and fighting over other people because of how jealous we were we both wanted each other eyes to only be set on us. The thing is, i never cared or had feelings for anyone else but you and i had realized that but things just wasn't right. You were about to graduate and i was still going to have two more years in school you weren't going to care about me then i knew it in my gut and heart you wasn't. But you lied to me on a daily about how much you did and that what i was thinking was wrong.
I never gave up on you . you talked to multiple girls in our relationship and i still forgave you. We both did wrong to each other , we both broke each other hearts to the fullest . i don't know if it's my fault for thinking that it's high school i shouldn't be held down yet we are teengagers lets have fun and live are life with no regrets. Don't get me wrong the whole year i was with you was tremendous venting , hanging out , phone calls , cuddling , each and everyday was a blessing to have you in my life. But i'll always know one thing we were young and in love but we aren't old enough yet to predict and plan what we think and want to happen in our future.

So me not knowing were we will stand or what will happen in our lives later in time i can at least say that you were my first love and we just don't need to be thinking too far ahead at this moment . i'll always care for you and whenever you need me trust me i'll be here if you ever decide to call and vent or talk like we used to everyday. And i promise i'll never press decline.