I can't stand you

Subject: I can't stand you
From: Drea
Date: 21 Nov 2017

You weren't like any other men.. at least I thought. You were different as in simple and hardheaded. Your voice was deep and beautiful, but very monotone. A week before you made it official, you asked me a serious question, "Are you sure you want to date a guy like me?" and I thought DUH. You asked me out and 6 months' pass by. You didn't give a shit about how I felt, you were verbally abusing me, you were careless, and not around. But you were only there for the intimacy. I was stupid..ridiculously stupid to not have opened my eyes earlier on. It took three years to realize I wasted my time with you. But I don't regret it because in those three years I learned a lot. To never date an asshole like you.