Human error? To Jagex

Subject: Human error? To Jagex
From: Velikoila
Date: 1 Dec 2015

On Nov 28th my account got permanently banned while massing the corp beast with a bunch of friends. I'm quite positive that it was a manual one since one of my friends was streaming at that moment, and 5 minutes after my character showed up on the video I got kicked out of the game.

So it seems like a mod was watching the stream, payed attention to my character & checked it up;
I was wearing a dragon plateskirt, a dragon med helm and a granite body, while being logged in from an AirVPN exit node.

Now I do understand how suspicious it must have looked if my character was wearing bot armor (for laughs), while being logged in from a possibly blacklisted IP.
See I'm somewhat aware of my privacy and use VPN's quite regularly (AirVPN & F-Secure's Freedome) and I've been locked out of RS for security reasons once in the past, and I can't think of any indicators apart from a blacklisted IP that might have lead to the decision of a ban in this case.

Losing a virtual character is one thing, but false accusations and haste decisions resulting in a -permanent ban for 'Major Macroing'- with no option to appeal or ask what's going on is something that really grinds my gears...
First of all where are such accusations are coming from? If you would take a moment and actually have a look at my characters skills, bank and even GE history you'd see that I'm just the average player, and if you look at the logs of my play history I'd assume a bot would have spent more hours online.

Or is it perhaps because I've used some third party program?
Well I'm also a linux user so I've used HikariKnight's unix client a lot, but that one is actually recommended (yet unsupported) by Jagex.

The only rule-breaking I'm guilty of is having an offensive name from 2004-2010: 'Kari Runk' – finnish equivalent of 'Master Bates'.
I think I also swore in public once.

--- - My character shows up at 1:44:45 - banned at 1:50:17

Human errors understandably happen, and I hope you good folks at Jagex take a closer look at this case and re-evaluate.