How to deal with inflation in Pakistan?

Subject: How to deal with inflation in Pakistan?
From: Shaista Muhammad Sudheer
Date: 22 Mar 2024

Inflation is a big issue for everyone right now. There are many approaches to solving this problem, but in this letter, I will discuss few solutions. The first one is to eliminate corruption from its roots. When there is no corruption, the general budget will be used effectively for the public's benefit, as there will be no cash going into the wallets of corrupt individuals or leaving the country. This will automatically benefit the country. The second solution is to utilize the country's resources properly instead of selling them to other countries by establishing industries in our own country. It will increase the employment rate, ultimately decreasing the import rate, resulting in a reduction in inflation. Implement strict price control on essential goods by identifying them, such as food, medicine, and fuel, and establish a dedicated monitoring agency for price enforcement.