Homewrecker? Not by a long shot!

Subject: Homewrecker? Not by a long shot!
From: The Love of His Life
Date: 26 May 2017

This letter is in response to the "open letter the homewrecker." It appears that many of your FACTS are just LIES. To begin with no one except you single handily destroyed your marriage, as well as your EX husbands life. In November 2016, you deserted him in his time of need and moved in and began shacking up with your NEW boyfriend. You used his darkest time when a wife should be beside their husband, lifting them up and motivating them, and ripped his heart out. You SO CALLED mother of the year, chose to leave your son with his step father (whom you say had a drug problem) while you lived with your man.

Now let me start by saying yes, I knew you (never cared for at all, fake and dramatic personality); yes he and I were married to cousins (so in fact our children are related by marriage, NOT incest) yes he and I have been friends for over 20 years. We had lost contact for a while, because you my dear are over bearing and controlling, also the reason why his relationship with his family suffered while you two were married. In February, he and I saw each other at a stop light, we waved and drove off. He then called me 5 minutes later to catch up and see how life was going. That conversation lasted a while that evening, because both of us were going through a difficult time. The next day he came and saw me on my lunch break and we just sat and talked as friends do. Later that afternoon I received an invitation to stop by HIS home for a drink...I accepted! I have to tell you that neither one of us expected to have the connection we had...but we did.

Here is where you come into the story....you showed up to HIS home the next morning out of the blue, you see strange beer bottles and begin to flip shit, throw things, even shattered his phone because you knew he had moved on. You weren't satisfied knowing that you had been replaced. So you parked your ass on HIS couch because you were sick and thought he would take care of you, like he always had!! You missed that because your boyfriend couldn't care less. Well once he went and purchased his new phone, he again came to my work to see me! He stated that you were not leaving the house because you were angry. So that evening when I finished working, HE came and picked me up, we went to the beach and sat talking for a little bit. When we were walking back to his truck he looked at his phone and you had called him 52 times....but I'm the STALKER!!! When he didn't answer you then began breaking his possessions (taxidermy deer heads, fox, etc). You then left HIS home and went to your boyfriend's only to return the next morning. Well when you arrived you found him sick, you didn't make his drs appt, you didn't drive him to the dr...he did that himself. As soon as he left the dr where did he go...oh yes to see me!!! He had the flu, he went home after picking up his meds and he tried to rest. He begged you and pleaded with you to leave. Nope you weren't having it...he was happy and it made you angry! The next morning he woke up feeling a little better and still begging you to leave, still angry you threw a bowl of chicken noodle soup at his head as he walked out the door to come see me. At no point during these encounters was anything said about you two working it out! You know why, because he was done with you. He returned to the house that evening telling you that you needed to go back to your boyfriend. This went on for a little bit, then I received a text message telling me to meet him. I did, we drove to HIS home, where you were on the couch. He walked in and told you I was there, you grabbed a fucking fence post and threatened to kill me if I didn't leave. I stood there calmly and looked you in your eyes and told you that I would leave if he asked me to. Who was asked to leave sweetheart, oh yes YOU!!! I saw you sit down looking shocked and in disbelief because you PRINCESS were not getting your way. I then left on my own...respectfully. I guess you forgot this part in your letter...you asked him for gas money so you could go back to your boyfriend.

Now the next morning when you arrived with your mouthy friend, you walked in HIS home and saw me asleep on the couch! He was sitting beside me...no one was having sex!!!! Sounds like the two of you need Replay what really happened! You literally walked by me asleep on the damn couch 6 times before you saw me. Then once you did you sent your guard dog in, like she was going to do something. Now let me pause here for a minute...none of your clothes were hanging in the closet, nor were they in the bedroom. All of your shit was boxed up and was in the front room. Your toiletries were not in the shower or bathroom either, they were boxed up. You grabbed some of your stuff after name calling, and you agin left. You came back with your 16 year old daughter, name calling, keying vehicles, and also destroying more property (again mother of the fucking year, right?). Let me see I think this is the part that you say I watched as you and your children were shoved out of their home. You and your daughter were pulled away from his truck that you were scratching down to the metal!!! You then proceeded to make fake assault charges, lie over and over to gain possession of his home. Leaving him homeless.

While you had possession of the home you, your friends, and boyfriend trashed the home, stole almost everything he owned. The police were called to the residence multiple times, and the abundance of traffic moving things all caused complaints, that along with the property damage is why he lost his home. ALL OF THAT BECAUSE OF YOU!! I love how you speak of my lack of morals, how trashy I am, and question the type of people my parents were. I will tell you this, you would never last a day in the shoes I walked in growing up!!! But I do have morals and class!!! You blasted my picture phone number and slanderous lies on social media...all while I sat quietly. You began making threats of this and threats of that all to try and get him back. The sick and twisted part is you don't want him, you just don't want him happy. You've put all of your business on social media, how much you despised him, never wanted him back, saying you were better off without him, even thanking me for taking him. You forgot however, you had also put your new relationship and your love for your new boyfriend all over social media as well. You knew everyone knew what was rally going on, but you wanted to convince everyone that your delusional lies were true.

It's really fun to me that I have in fact walked away from him, multiple times just to prove to you that it isn't me!!! I love how you say I harassed you, and stalked you. Phone records don't lie, you were the one harassing! Message after message, name calling, empty threats, and again delusional lies. You were the one sending your location telling me where to show up. Who's the crazy one??? I honestly can't stand you, your voice is like nails down a chalk board. You continued attack on my character is very comical...because I know the person I am. You my dear showed your cards way too early and now the world knows what type of person you are!!!!

I honestly say, I hope your letter has given you the satisfaction that you think you deserve. I pray that with all of your Christianity spewing from your mouth, you hit your knees. The friends that you have lost because they saw you for what you truly are, maybe they can forgive you. I will continue to say I will never carry hatred towards you, even though you deserve way more than that. Maybe if you forgive yourself for the mistakes you made, you'd be able to see I am not to blame. At that point maybe you can release the anger and hatred, start being happy! Everyone deserves happiness, not matter how unhappy and miserable they are.

Have a nice life!