His smile

Subject: His smile
From: Gloria Tatman
Date: 11 Nov 2018

So let me just say don't assume this is about Matthew cause its not, ok so his smile you know the moment when you see someone and your like omg hes so hot and you get the feeling when you guys talk your heart just almost bounces out of your chest. Well every time he smiles that's how I feel sounds really weird but it is with every detail from his hair barely covering his left eye to the grin then the big most cutest smile in the universe. Or how hes like a dog when i scratch his chin and he lifts his head up I love doing that cause its just so freaking cute cause the whole time he is smiling and I just tell my self don't make a move Gloria cause you know how it ends the same every time don't kiss him, don't smile but of course I smile but I don't kiss him cause no just no. I remember over the summer i went to Kentucky Kingdom and I was so scared legit crying  cause I am so scared of heights but I just closed my eyes and what I saw was that smile the one I saw on every video chat that adorable smile that made me fall in love,that smile I cant let go of, then I just thought of all of our video calls and just you being there for me through me crying for hours and you staying up with me for hours one night me just thinking to myself I am so lucky to have him in my life I wish I could meet him in person so we could hangout and cuddle and watch scary movies, and of course the girly movies cause like why not but of course watch the nightmare before Christmas cause that's my all time favorite movie which he never knew that but it is , and right now as I am taking my time to write this I can see us laying in his bed me  cuddled up next to him just sitting there watching it and singing to the songs and I also see me just looking up at him and seeing that smile and just kissing him right then and there but. I just know it will never happen cause miracles never happen.  



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