For Him

Subject: For Him
Date: 26 Feb 2017

You are the person my soul recognised.
I waited years for you, not really knowing it was you I was waiting for.
But when you came along, I knew.
You are so amazing, so wonderful and understanding.
It's not what I'm used to, but you have patience with me and I appreciate it so much.
But let's talk about how your voice calms me down, how it ends the racing thoughts inside my head and when I talk to you, all I get is silence. A silence so relaxing that I fall asleep and sleep better than I ever have.

I love you, definitely a lot more than I could ever express. I always will.
You've shown me happiness, love, compassion and regardless of what you go through, you are always there for me.

I cannot wait to marry you and have a family with you.
You changed my mind about it, but only about it with you.
I wouldn't do it with anyone else.
You are imperfect, but so perfect for me.
I love you.