To high school students.

Subject: To high school students.
From: Orathai R.
Date: 23 Sep 2019

High school students should be aware of online activity that may affect their future chances of college admission.

Dear high school student

I wrote this letter because I wanted to warn young people today who will grow into adults in the future. I would like you to know and realize that every action, regardless of intention or inattentive. It might be good or bad that will affect you in the future.

The fact that you post everything you think you see without thought. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or google drive. Everything is online. Everything spreads quickly and stays forever. Some things, if you want to change, may not be able to change as you wish. Begs you very much to ponder like you think twice or overnight.

In my country, we have the quote about it that when you are happy, do not hurry to promise. When angry, do not reply to anyone's message. Or even when you are sad, do not decide anything.

We do not know what people are seeing or posting about. We grew up in the place that different environments and families. We are not able to limit one's thoughts or dictate anyone. What we can do is to be cautious of our own thoughts and actions.

Nowadays, the internet can be accessed almost anywhere in the world. It goes far and faster than we expected.

An example of this is Kyle Kashuv,18 years old, a survivor of last year’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida. (What leads Harvard to rescind admission? Racism, plagiarism-and killing your mom by Isaac Stanley-Becker), who posted online about racism. Which resulted him being rejected after being admitted to Harvard University after someone sent evidence to the university for consideration. This is a clear example. Past actions that he did not ponder with as a wild-hearted teenager, causing negative effects that he didn't expect to affect his future.

I am a student of the college. I want to tell you something, what you see is a trivial matter but for some people it may be the most important and greatest for them.

This letter is a warning with care, not imalicious intent or anything, but it is a warning about behavior that may affect you in the future.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Orathai R.