High School Students

Subject: High School Students
From: I Martinez
Date: 21 Sep 2019

An Open Letter to High School Students:

I am Writing you to bring you awareness to how your online posts may affect your future. Something very simple or maybe a game for you, could be change your life.

I know probably you are thinking right now " hey this is my life.'' That is the reason, your life is very important. You are the future of our country, and something simple like an online post, could have long consequences. For example, you can make jokes with your friends in person, but an online jokes fall on the wrong people, it can offended and hurt them. If this were happen in person you can apologize and hope this mistake can forgotten over the time. The difference when this happen online are the recipient could share your post with their friends and create your joke public. Now your post gives you a very bad reputation.

Inappropriate pictures, crude comments about someone; this kind of things end bad for some high school students. Isaac Stanley-Becker a writer from The Washington Post, wrote in June 18, 2019 about Kyle Kashuv. A 18 years old teenager who use to be a student at Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. Kashuv had made racist and vituperative comments online when he was 16, and his acceptance in Harvard had been rescinded. In a Chat room Kashuv repeatedly wrote the n-word, made crude comments about woman, and wrote that he was expert at typing the slur because'' practice'', he said, ''make perfect.''

Your online post may affect your college admission because of what the college saw on social media. It's best to practice responsible social media. Use the social media to your advantage.

College use the social media to know who you are in reality. Post good things about you because your post in social media is a reflection on your character, goals, and aspirations.

In a interview on a You Tube Channel about how social media kills your college admission, Paul Hemphill a college admissions adviser said'' Use the facebook as the new resume, post a photograph of projects are you involved, and a lot of pictures of your family.''

Social media can affect college admission on both positive and negative ways. Only you need to think counselors may check your social media, and how this could be influence your chance of getting into college.

Now it's time to start thinking to use your social media intelligently when posting something. Think in your future.


I Martinez