Health Alert! China's Hepatitis Epidemic & Toxic Pollution Hidden From Foreign ESL & TEFL English Teachers By Recruiters

Subject: Health Alert! China's Hepatitis Epidemic & Toxic Pollution Hidden From Foreign ESL & TEFL English Teachers By Recruiters
From: China Foreign Teachers Union
Date: 5 Dec 2016

Over 3,000 China job agents and recruiters post over 500 new job ads on the internet every week in hopes of reeling in some prized "fish" to fill teaching positions in 32 provinces throughout China. Some of these recruiters are actually licensed and honest enough to use their real names. 90% are not. It is debatable whether the jobs they are finally offered to prospects match those in the exotic "work abroad" ads found at Gumtree, Craigslist, ESLCafe and elsewhere. Some advertised jobs are not at all what they seem (See

But worst of all, 99% of these black agents will never ever tell you about the real health risks posed by China especially if you suffer from asthma. After all, if they told you the winter air of Beijing and Shanghai is so badly polluted it can kill you, would you want to go work in China for $2,500 a month?

The biggest secret however is not the air nor the water pollution (tap water is only consumed by the Chinese too poor to afford bottled water). The big taboo topic is China's growing Hepatitis problem which is the third worst in the world and has infected 18% of their population as compared to 2% in Europe and America.

Expat employees in China are exposed to this very contagious disease that has no known cure and which is ultimately fatal in 35% of all cases. The problem is compounded by chain restaurants who do not sterilize their resusable plastic chopsticks and drinking cups. One chain "Yoshinoya" used to boast that they fed 1 million people every hour in China until they got busted recycling uneaten rice already served to customers!

Add to this mix that China's university students enjoy "very active" sex lives by their own admissions, and more than half boast about sleeping with a foreigner "more than once" But worse still is that foreign teachers who have worked in China for at least three years have roughly a 50% chance of testing positive for Hepatitis if they worked in a rural area and 30% if they worked in an urban area of a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city.

Most foreign teachers do not een know they are infected unless and until they go for a medical exam to get health care insurance. But instead of being given their plastic health card they are given an hour long ride to a government quarantine facilty that resembles a prison for 90 days where they are told their visa was revoked and they will be deported as soon as they list all of their sexual partners and foreign co-workers at their place of employment.

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Before visiting China for any reason, be sure to get yourself a full-spectrum Hepatitis vaccination at least 30 days prior to your departure date. At present more than 600,000 foreigners are now employed in China. Approximately 20% of them will not even know they are infected an average of three years.