To a 'Handsome' best friend.

Subject: To a 'Handsome' best friend.
From: Yours Tiny Tube-Light
Date: 23 Sep 2017

You told me to give you something that i planned myself, on your birthday. I hope this is idiotic enough to get you on to your nerves. Happy Birthday Armpit. This is for the guy, whom i started terming as my best friend when he didn't even know about it. And now, he is a person who knows weirdest secrets of mine in just a span of 2 months.
Well i forgot your birthday, so apologies for the same. Your face ain't that good for me but still, the insecurities you have about your looks, get rid of them soon or I am stabbing you in the throat. You are perfectly fine okay!? Every time you start talking about your looks i always play along but inside i am like STFU man! You don't need a girl right now tbh. And yeah whoever she will be, make sure you get her approved by me. You got hurt once, I don't think it is going to happen again. I won't let it happen again. Your tiny friend (that's me) ain't letting you go in the wrong hands again okay? You are one of the bravest guy i have met. You make everyone feel there is nothing going in your mind but the things you hide, you better start telling me about them more. You are a guy shaped by your experiences. I learnt how to be happy irrespective of the sadness around, from you. Yeah, you do make me mad a lot. And we do fight every second day. And i don't like the songs you do. But you got a good character. (I guess I did a lot of appreciation here, hahahaha).
Otherwise, you are the worst guy i have ever met. If i would have written this in Hindi then it would have been more powerful but never mind. See the efforts man! You should be happy. Lol.
Well, this is your first birthday with me and we are not meeting but i hope this makes up. Ain't writing much because i don't think so you would read it.
(okay the truth is it's too hard to write about you.)
Have an amazing birthday and i hope we stay together for longer time.
Tiny Tube-Light

Your gift rests on my table peacefully. I look at it everyday.
Apparently someone broke its ear but i fixed it. Don't worry.
Happy Birthday Bro.