To the guy who saved me without knowing he did

Subject: To the guy who saved me without knowing he did
From: the girl you love
Date: 25 Feb 2016

in 3 simple words you saved me. You met me at a park for the first time. literally thats how we met you wanted to met up and there we were talking about random shit for a good 2 hours just walking in circles in that damn park. i never thought that you would be the one to change everything for me. I had just gotten out of an extremely bad relationship. Some of my friend knew what sorta happened but they never got the whole story. I was reluctant to let you in. Seriously im extremely stubborn and i dont know how you lasted that long. But you did and you always make me feel safe and loved and you let me make my own decisions and go out with friends and you never raise your voice at me when your are upset about something you just say what you need to and we talk it out. I think the part that made me question why yo were spending so much time trying to worm your way into my heart is the fact the you had a little girl of your own at home. i would think you could be coloring with her right now or you could be loving her or spending your time and energy on her but here you were on the phone for hours just talking and you making me laugh constantly and you kept saying that you were safe and everything was alright and now here we are. Deeply in love with me moving in with you in two months. You say that your never going to let me go and the thing is i can see it in your eyes that you really mean it. I don't know how you put up with a spit fire, sassy, loud mouth like me but you do and you calm me down when i need it. Like i said you saved me. so thank you.