To the guy mistreating her.

Subject: To the guy mistreating her.
From: The guy who deserves her.
Date: 12 Jun 2016
This is not okay.

You are probably thinking you've done nothing wrong, that she's perfectly fine with the way you treat her.

Just because she doesn't speak up, doesn't mean she's fine with it. You are taking advantage of a girl who not only would turn down other men for you, but wouldn't stop to tell you, that you are constantly tearing her down. She doesn't want to see you go, why? Because you've been that fake knight in shining armor for her. You pretend that you love her, just to keep your head above the game. She's going to let you do it too, because love can blind her, take away the ability to see the wrong.

You're lucky, not because you're getting away with breaking her heart. You're lucky because she gave you her heart. You don't deserve it, I'm not the type to judge someone else's relationship, but you are the one that gets to hold her at night. You're the guy she tells 'I love you' to. I don't know what you said to make her think you actually care. I don't know what gave you the idea that her feelings don't matter, and that you, being a man makes you superior to her.

Whoever raised you, they didn't spend enough time teaching you manners, they should have drilled into your head that a woman is equal to a man, and that what gender you were born does not make your feelings more valued than hers. Your parents did not spend enough time on how amazing a woman's love can be. You, my fellow man, have never experienced the heartbreak of watching her be treated right. One day, she will give up on the hope of you ever changing your ways. One day, she's going to be treated correctly by a man who noticed how amazing she is. When this day comes, you won't be able to control her. You won't be able to change her mind. It will be too late, and you will have lost your chance.

I don't have to know you personally to know that you are not a man. You are a boy, an immature boy that doesn't deserve the woman on your arm. You do not degrade someone who goes out of their way to love you, and expect to be treated with respect. You are going to realize that this world does not revolve around you, or at least I hope you will. Because, you won't get far with the mindset that you are more important than the tears she cries over you.

If I had the chance to speak to you in person, I don't think I'd be able to look you in the eyes. I do think I'd be wasting my time, trying to understand you. Women are not just an add-on to your reputation. I promise that as you get older, you won't be the center of attention anymore, but for now, a boy is all you'll ever be. As the guy who lost to you, I'll never understand how your controlling grip, and abusive, degrading mannerisms, can win over that queen. I'll continue to tell her how she's too good for you, and I'll continue to show her that she is not the disgusting things you make her believe. I will never lead her on to destroy her. I will never spend my time, putting into her head that my ego is more important than her love.

the guy who will never hurt her.