To the guy I knew but I haven't met yet

Subject: To the guy I knew but I haven't met yet
From: Cathy
Date: 23 Feb 2016

Don't talk to strangers. They say. But, you are an exception to the rule. I answered a random question from a stranger and that was you. That question was followed by more and more questions but this time it is not from you but from me. Why of all the men on earth it has to be you? Why did you came to my life all of a sudden? Why did you make me feel special? What if I do not answer your question? Will I be happier? Will I meet you some other time, on the right time?
You always say that you haven't experienced to be in love. And i assumed that this is the reason why you are afraid to fall in love. I do understand. I will always understand. For I did not find you. You came. But maybe not in the right time. You came, at the time I am afraid to fall in love again but then you regained my trust.My trust to men. You are to good to be true but still I trust you. I have the most fruitful conversations with you. Conversations I never had and I believe will never have to anyone else. For we had the strongest communication despite the distance we have. We knew each other well. But then, these things change. We fall apart. We have these priorities and responsibilities and we are not part of those. But still, I am grateful that you still give some of your time and I am always willing to give some of mine to you. You will still be the chapter I will read over and over again though I already knew what was written, for maybe in time it will be changed, what was written can be erased and replaced. With that, I will always wait for you even though you do not want me to. I will wait for the day, that i will see how your eyes would gaze mine,the day that I will witness your smile for me, the day that I can personally say how a single message from you brighten up my day and change my mood. How I always long for your voice every single day. That, if I am going to invest my love I will choose you among any one else. Because for me, you are one in a million.
I haven't met you but I know, I knew you.