To the grade 12s who bullied me on social media

Subject: To the grade 12s who bullied me on social media
From: The victim of a mistake
Date: 11 Mar 2016

Dear everyone who bullied me over Twitter in November,

I made a mistake by letting a boy three years older than me kiss me. I did have a boyfriend at the time and I still do because it was a mistake.
Do you think it was your place to go over Twitter and expose me to EVERYONE that goes to our tiny school? No it wasn't your place. You had me embarrassed to even walk out of my house. You got the entire school to make fun of me and now I have almost no friends because of you.
I hope you realize that you are so cruel to do that to me and several other people. You think just because you're older you can go around making other people feel bad about themselves? It's completely wrong. I hate you and everyone I know hates you. You're 18 years old so what are you getting out of bullying a 15 year old? I bet nothing but the pleasure of attention.
But oh yeah, remember when you tried to make fun of another person my age and you got no likes so you deleted it? You crave attention. Just because your dad passed away doesn't mean you can treat everyone around you like bags of dirt. So please be a better person. Everyone deserves a second chance but only if they earn it and you DO NOT EARN IT.