The Good Looking Boss

Subject: The Good Looking Boss
From: Keen Observer
Date: 3 Aug 2021

Ni hao!

It was really funny how I got to know you. Out of all the people gathered for the opening event that day, I find it funny that I recognized you when you are not even in my direct line of sight.

My friend used to talk about you, your accomplishments, and your family business in general. You were a 'then director' at their office. You launching a product, is a common passing subject we talk about.

One time we were at a store opening, you were again mentioned as your brother got engaged before you - apparently this saddened a good population in the company. A mention of you being different from him, of you being career driven, and you being better looking ( ;) ). My friend showed a photo of you when I asked for proof - which convinced me of the fact.

As we were patiently waiting to be served, I was just busy doing nothing, talking about random things, and observing how busy the place is. Suddenly, I saw a standing figure observing the queue while leisure sipping a drink while eating burger.

I turned around and looked...

Looks familiar...

Where did I see this person???

Then, it hit me! This is the person whose photo I saw a while back. The director! The better looking director!

I still remember how you looked like that day - sporty.

Now, I think I like you. I hope you are doing well. Take care and come back soon.