From: J.
Date: 17 Jun 2017

I wish to forgive you, the thing is, you made me hate you to the point that I actually find you irrelevant and illogical. I really understand that you suffer through lots of pain. I understand you are insecure of yourself to the point that you blame others of the things that you know deep inside your heart and mind that it’s really you that you should be worried and blame about it. It all started after your break up with your ex-boyfriend who is actually my boyfriend now. I know you are mad. I clearly understand. But, I said yes to him six months after your break up with him. I’m so confused with your attitude. During those six months of what you call Moving on stage; you clearly have relationship with the other boys in our school. You are so delusional that you convinced your friends and other people that I stole him from you. You are always talking behind my back. The next day, you approached me and told me that you are sorry about the things that you have said and done to me but after a few days, you will talk behind my back again. A F****** Backstabber bitch! You always bring out your “I’m innocent to all these shits”. You always come up with issues that don’t even make sense. You labeled me “The Mistress”. Are you f****** kidding me? I did try to ignore you for like months but you are always getting in my nerves. You always have this wit comebacks talking on your social media accounts about how disgusting I am, that I’m so ugly, I’m a whore etc.
I’m not insecure with you. I really don’t. It’s just, you made me hate you! My life with you became one of my traumatic and worst experiences. You called me psychopath for defending myself. You even told your friends that he choose me because I offer something that you cannot. Let me guess? My virginity? I don’t know if you are happy to hear about this but unfortunately you are wrong. We are in a relationship for almost five years now and he respects my decision as a woman. He told me he can wait for me because he wants me to achieve my dreams first and he don’t want it to be ruined just because he wants some things that couples do when they are already in a long term relationship. I’m sorry but YOU ARE WRONG. I wrote this because I have been keeping these feelings for a long time. YOU MADE ME HATE YOU. YOU MADE ME INSECURE. YOU MADE ME VULNERABLE. I hope I can just slap you just once. You are the true psychopath not me. You are so delusional that you even hire some people to tell me about your achievements and status while you are studying abroad. You even compare our physical appearance. That’s just sick. I hope you are happy about it. Just so you know I loathe you. I hope you are happy that you wreck me emotionally.