To the Girl 4,396 Miles Away

Subject: To the Girl 4,396 Miles Away
From: Guava
Date: 29 Jul 2017

I love you. Not because I'm trying to prove something to you, or trying to make up for who I once was. Not because I'm forced to, or because I'm changing myself in order to allow you to exist in my life. But because I am completed by you, only you, and that I am able to find myself in you, and can see bits of me in you.

You're 4,396 miles away right now. Somewhere in a small house in a large suburb east of London, and I'm somewhere in an arguably larger house, by a lake, in a city east of Tampa, Florida. You're 4,396 miles away... that's 3,820 nautical miles.. 7,075 kilometers, and spanning the breadth of an ocean, no less.

It's a daunting distance to overcome in love, but nonetheless I fervently await the day, adamant in my wait, in which you arrive on the foreign soil which is the United States. To you, it'll be the first time traveling outside of Europe. An entirely new world, and an entirely unfamiliar experience.

Even still, I love you, not because I am solely awaiting the day that you and I are in the physical presence of one another, but because I am desperately in love with you. Your personality, unique only to you. Your gorgeous features, all of which are attractive and serve to show your beauty, and outweigh any flaws (which I don't see). And your beautiful mind, which remains as innocent as a child (even at the age of 18); a brain so filled with creativity, curiosity and passion that it just strikes me with amazement and awe. And even still, do I love you for you make me feel as if I am missing something, and what I'm missing is you. We often find ourselves sharing similar interests, even if we have a few things we can't share a passion for. We often find ourselves so heavily emotional, one minute completely entranced with the other, and the next, two saddened lovers like depressed peas in a pod. We often find ourselves syncing, sharing these "aha!" moments with one another, and it honestly leaves me dumbfounded as to the level of bonding and mind-reading that we're potentially capable of. We often try to imitate one another while learning about each other's languages, Spanish and German, as we simultaneously converse in English and try to make one another laugh or fluster.

But most of all, I am simply and eternally in love with you. I want to support you, help you grow as an individual. Even if our individual lives may not be as intertwined as I'd like, I want to strengthen our ties regardless. Because I'm your boyfriend, and I want you to be my girlfriend, now and for as long as we'll have one another. I want to make sure you're flourishing in your life goals, and the same goes for myself, and even through all of that, I want to be a part of it all.

To the girl who lives 4,396 miles away from me in this very moment - who, as I write this at nearly 3 in the morning, is soon about to touch 8 in the morning (and saw sunrise 4 hours ago) - I hope that you know that I love you more than you'll ever know.

Sincerely yours,

- dein engel, Guava.