Get In The Ring...

Subject: Get In The Ring...
Date: 3 Mar 2019

Your passive aggressive silence is deafening. I'd rather you just punch me in the gut because at least that pain would subside. You gave me no closure, you gave me no answers. You made a significant relationship disappear as if it never happened. Rejection through silence activates the same pain pathways in the brain as physical pain. Did you know that? Well played, if you did!

I think you are scared. You are scared to get in the ring because you know that my words could cut you down to size. You know that I know that truth. You need help and you are delusional. I'm so angry that you chose the easy way out. You are numb to the world and think you are invisible. I hate you right now, but hate and love are closely related. I guess if I didn't love you so deeply I wouldn't feel so much anger.

But F.U. for the BS that you have put me through with your silence. I hear you. Shame on you for acting so strong but for being such a coward inside. Vulnerability is the true strength.