To the gentleman that cheated me on a car that was unsafe

Subject: To the gentleman that cheated me on a car that was unsafe
From: The naive single mother you stole from
Date: 30 Jul 2019

A young girl totaled my vehicle. I wasn't given the "fair market value" for my car even after relentlessly arguing with her insurance. Once they told me what they were giving me for the vehicle, they said I only had 3 more days with the rental car. I had very little time to purchase a new car and I didn't even have the money in hand from the insurance company. I found your Jeep Compass listed on Craigslist and it seemed like a decent deal. I came to drive it and had to bring my son with me. You knew I was a single mother without much money and I even had to borrow the money from family. You still sold me the car knowing that it was not worth the $4750 that I paid for it. I didn't have anyone available to come check out the car with me and I couldn't wait another day; I bought this vehicle the very last day I had the rental. I had to trust that you were an honest and trustworthy person, unfortunately you were not. Instead, you were a selfish person that only cares about benefit to yourself no matter the cost to someone else. Immediately after driving away, the a gas cap light came on. A week later, another light came on. You painted the car so it looked as if it were rust free. Over a short time it started to say, then it start squeaking and creaking and started to shake when I drove on the highway. I'm not sure if you lubed some parts or something else to make it so it was not squeaking when I took it for a test drive. I thought it was shocks or a sway bar. Instead, I was told that the Jeep was completed rusted underneath and rotting. I was given a list of parts that it would need, but was told that they were afraid to even work on it. It was not worth fixing, as it would cost more than the value of the car. I was told that it was unsafe to drive. I have been driving my mother's car for the past week while I try to find a new car, which is an inconvenience to her. I gave you all the money I had for that Jeep that I drove for only 9 months. The rust all around the vehicle is now showing through the paint. I don't know how I'm going to afford a new one. I work full time with no government assistance to provide a life for myself and my son. I am very proud of that. Now you put me in a situation that I feel helpless and I honestly don't know what to do at this point. You stole my money knowing it was a bad vehicle. You knew it was unsafe and still sold it to me knowing I have a 5 year old (now 6) that would be riding in it. I hope you realize what you've done. I hope you don't do this to anyone else. And I pray that I can get through this without being so angry and bitter. Maybe writing this letter and letting it out will help.