To The Fire I Once Was Warmed By

Subject: To The Fire I Once Was Warmed By
Date: 30 Apr 2019

When the world was stumbled upon its existence, He knew would create fire. His breathe moved upon the waters and shook them to behave. And out of this very fire i believe you were created. You were created out of the first fire and to be very seriously reckoned with. You are something out of a myth, a finite being, a storm brewing, a terrible awakening, and a deep beautiful force. There is no end to the warmth you can create and with that same fire leave scars that will forever remain visible. You are powerful and magnificent. But the same fire that can warm your home can burn entire cities to the ground.

When i made love to you, i felt the world shift. I heard the ocean and the night. I felt your pain and your past. I felt you. It was an act of adoration,a complete ritual of time standing still. Now, silence.

You, my lover, have burned me to the ground. Ash to ash, dust to dust. I fell in your heat and broke in your awe. I wish i was repellent of you, but you took me and now have a piece of me.

There are not too many legends that will stand the test of time. But i hope my words make you immortal .There is no poem greater than you. No song that could play your beat. I have sat for hours trying to piece together a line a stanza but i lose it when it comes to you You are an unwritten word that no translation or language can seem to possess. Your energy tastes like fire and freedom and there is no cure for the left over magic you possess. I am undone, without it.I have had dreams about you. Unable to be intimate with anyone else so i broke it off. I dont expect anything from you. I am marked by you. You cannot be imitated, or interchanged. You are one of a kind and even though we fell out, I am glad i got to experience you You are just that beautiful. And no matter how angry and hurt i am , I still cannot forget you. I cannot fake it. I know you dont want to be involved with me, and visa versa, Id rather be alone then not have that energy. It has to have our type of energy or it is nothing to me. This common world tells us to move on, and yes we should, and i will . You are the best glass of wine i have ever had. So i will be alone. I have had the best and thats what it is. even though you dont feel the same. I dont need you to. I just needed to tell you.

My heart breaks but to know you are still here in this world is enough for me. It is enough to know that you are here. You are worthy of every word i could ever write, every poem i could ever stand to prostrate. No matter the damage you caused me I care for you. I want the world to know how beautiful you are.