Felt out of place and lonely

Subject: Felt out of place and lonely
From: Jon- Me
Date: 25 Jun 2022

i have been alone my whole life and i have been feeling that what i am is meant to be alone.
i know i am hard to be around but i feel that i need love and i need someone to like me back, to talk to me to love me for me.

I am not able to be with women, woman do not like me they talk down to me lie to me they make me feel awful.

I am not a lady's man i am far from that.
I am a virgin and i am not able to tak to women who i want and like. i am made fun of by women and i feel empty i feel that i am not meant to be loved.
i feel sad i am not the man i want to be i am not the man-woman want to be with.
i feel left out i feel out of place and i am not sure what to do.
i feel that i am not meant to have sex with anyone.

i am ashamed to be me and i am not a happy man at all