Felicia (Omarosa ) Manigault Newman

Subject: Felicia (Omarosa ) Manigault Newman
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 17 Dec 2017

I want to say this omarosa you're a phony & a complete fraud . You took a position in the whitehouse with donald trump who has belittle blacks for years refusing to rent to blacks along his father blaming the central park young men of rape posting a ad for the death penalty the birtherism of barack obama &not to mention taking sides of the nazi in the Charlottesville incident that cause a young woman life for all of that you didn't stand up to donald trump not once for his actions & you say you're a champion for your people give me break. You wanted to be in the whitehouse with trump all the glory &prestige that goes along totally dissing the african americans. Now that you're fire by donald trump the third time you want your peoples to brace you back in the good graces first I'm not your people nor I like anyone that support a bigot with negative views of blacks so you can go screw yourself like the scum you are!