federal government workers

Subject: federal government workers
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 12 Jan 2019

I like to say to all you federal government workers out their who missing their paychecks because of congress &Donald Trump that's really to bad .Some of you that actually voted for Trump is getting screw by Donald Trump particular not able to your rent car insurance those of you that have kids not able to pay childcare buy food etc if this government shutdown continue you made lose your homes cars etc!it a shame that you hard workers have to sell your personal items work low paying jobs just to by because you people like congress who isn't willing to negotiate &Donald Trump who also isn't willing to negotiate or to see the other party side of views. Donald Trump can't relate to you hard working men &woman who works hard everyday in keeping the government clean &safe etc.Trump was born rich that always this is the guy that stiff his on contractorsemployess etctrump was bornrich haddaddy's money whenever his busineeses fail he doesn't know about average american who works paycheck to paycheck. The ones that voted for Donald Trump in 2016 remember this time of moment you're out of work without pay donald trump only cares about donald trump so when you go to the polls to vote 2020 you should consider in voting that fat face overweight punk a** mother f*****out of offfice personal donald trump is a piece of S*** of a human being!