for fay where ever you are

Subject: for fay where ever you are
From: t
Date: 18 Mar 2015

Dear fay,

It's been more than 2 decades, as if just happen yesterday.
I can still hear how you call my name. With the masculine caring tone ,, the way you treat me, the way you took care of me ,, your aroma, smiling face ,, the warmth of your body ,,
I won't be able to forget them, I shouldn't and I don't want to.

I misses someone treat me the way you do ,, however ,, it won't happen again (hopefully yet) ,, I wonder how is it our life going to be if we ever together? Do we really hurting our parent as we did worry about? Do we really tarnish our community? What about our faith? Well ,, all those questions ,,

Lately I'm restless ,, my soul seems keep searching ,, and few times without I even realized, tears falling. I wonder why ,,
It drew me back many years ago, early 2000, we met accidentally as if fate brought us together. Not once, twice but many times.
Way before that, you were there when I need a shoulder. Suddenly I receive email from you or sms asking how am I doing
I can't explain but I was relieve ,, I feel safe when those were happen. As if an angel sent to me to guard me ,,

It's been 5 years I haven't heard from you ,, I misses you, fay and hoping you won't forget me as well. I doubt we'll meet again (even accidentally) in this world ,, looking at those oceans, different continent ,, different weather ,, different life ,, though I hope someday we'll meet again in nirvana, maybe. If reincarnation exist or 2nd life is real then I hope we are together ,, inseparable ,, soulmate ,,
My tears falling while I write this but the only thing I want is ,, you are smiling ,, somewhere ,,