To the ex-boyfriends who are now best friends

Subject: To the ex-boyfriends who are now best friends
From: the girls you played
Date: 23 Nov 2016

Dear the ex-boyfriends who are now best friends

We thought we never would have to say this. That you were the only ones for us and that you actually loved us. Can you believe that? We actually thought you loved us. You were the perfect boyfriends, well to the people around us,but we knew different. We knew the way you thought and we were fools to believe that we could change you. We knew who you were the past you had but we ignored that and it would of been nice to have actually been treated differently. You don't think we know but we do. We know you were talking to other girls and cheating on us but we didn't say anything and you know why? Because for some reason we actually loved you. We wanted to be with you and we wanted you to be with us. We know. We know you; the way you act around girls, the way you act online and the way you act around others. Let us tell you something. We know your game and you don't fall anyone.

You want to know something. The day we got together we were told to stop. We were told we were fools and looking back we were. You were horrible and what was worse is that we let you. Now I'm not going to say what you did but just know this. You don't fool us and I hope that one day we will have the guts to say that to you.

You know what is even funnier is that you two disrespect each other and are now "best friends".

Yours sincerly
The girls you played and will never play again