Emotionally Drained Thanks to MTN

Subject: Emotionally Drained Thanks to MTN
Date: 28 Aug 2019

I have been employed as a temp for MTN Group SA since 2013, I have served 7years on a company as a temp , 7 whole Years with no benefits, 7 whole years of being sidelined by such a big company, 7 years serving MTN but yet they have failed us . People have been here for 11 years and yet still temps . Imagine waking up every morning coming to work in an unhealthy environment... when i say unhealthy i mean TOXIC . In every store you have 2-3 people who are PERMANENTS, let me tell you how toxic it is to work at Mtn ... You get to work and open the system go through emails and Boom you get emails That say ONLY FOR PERMANENTS... they have 13th cheque and bonuses for PERMANENTS ONLY and the bonuses are for performance and yet you still dont get rewarded because wow You are not a PERMANENT staff ... Concerts are for PERMANENTS only , Medical aids and pension Fund are for PERMANENTS Only and yet you have served customers with so much grace for 11years ... there where talks about the transition from temps to PERMANENTS instead they made 11 people PERMANENTS on the 26 of August 2019 secretly and to think some have been here for a year and someone who served 11 years here wasnt made PERMANENT .... someone who made and exceeded thier sales wasnt made permanent... someone who served MTN for 11 years whole years is sidelined . It pains me and its emotionally draining to even come to the store and go on as if nothing is happening. People are always in tears because thats how toxic and unhealthy our working conditions are. Hr does not communicate to us , instead they are quite as long as they are comfortable.... The Ceo is quite . No one is looking after us Temps , we need to be heard but no one is interested . Imagine if we all didnt come to work ? There are only two temps in the stores ? What if we do a go slow ? Would they hear us then? What if we report them to CCMA and Labour ? Will they hear us then? Why should we even go through this steps to be heard? MTN has failes its employees and trust there will be a time we fail thier customers because we cant continue being treated like this and less valued . Its like we dont exist... cry our beloved Company.... a company i serve gracefully with a smile .