Subject: economy
From: eldorado walters
Date: 10 Feb 2020

The main strain media personally you stink so f***** tired of you f***** for not presented the true facts when it comes to the economy! Some of you are afraid or scare to dealth present the truth facts on Obama's economy as well Trump 's. economy .Whether you want to admit or not obama' crrated fewer or morre jobs than Trump in which it isn't a lie just as much jobs that Trump pretend that Trump created that many jobs. i tired of you ass*hloes want to make Trump as well hif supporters happy. F you the media as well %conservative media! Donald Trump as wel thr populist .Donald Trump hasn't done nothing for the ecomny goes As far as I'm concern again F Donald Trump F Russ Limbaugh!But these assholes is cut bills give most of their profits to rich billliomaires to his own staff and wall street buddiies