The death of human decency at Infragistics, Inc.

Subject: The death of human decency at Infragistics, Inc.
From: One of the employees you fired
Date: 26 Sep 2018

Mr. Dean Guida,

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that even though I understand business decissions, what you did was highly unprofessional and careless.

I'm not talking about me alone, but about the 20 guys you fired in Cranbury, and the 10 you fired in Montevideo. I hope you won't do the same in the rest of the offices...

Wouldn't it have been humane, or at least professional, to explain the situation in advance? To let people prepare?

Do you know how many children are left with unemployed parents due to your company's lack of empathy towards its employees?

What the hell happened with that little booklet you drilled into us each week? What happened with all the company culture work we did for years?

I know what happened, they were all corporate propaganda just to keep the low ranks working and making money for you while you sat in your office playing chess with the livelyhoods of your employees.

Again, I can understand business decissions, but what you upper-managers did is simply trashy.

Your former employees deserved better. They are wonderful people and professionals and you didn't even warn them.

I hope you and your team of corporate dinosaurs manage to keep your little shitty sailboat afloat.