Dear Telstra, #1DTEESCOMP Complaint

Subject: Dear Telstra, #1DTEESCOMP Complaint
From: Mary-Joy Hutchin
Date: 4 Feb 2015

Dear Telstra, I am writing to you regarding the 1DTEES Comp. Firstly a lot of people have gone to a lot of trouble if that be a multiple entry or just one. I thought the weekly prize winner was different then the major, I do not understand how the weekly prize winner can win tickets to a concert they have already won to go to.

I thought the winners were announced tomorrow (4/2). I thought even though I hadn't been a weekly prize winner I had a chance at the major prize. I asked Telstra on Twitter and the lady who wrote back thought that too. Obviously not, I think this comp is unfair and unclear in the terms and conditions. I don't think this comp gave everyone ago, it has lead more then one of us to believe what I have written here to you. If you see my Twitter account @maryjoyhutchin and the hash tag #1DTEES you will see what I am saying .

My family and I have been a very loyal Telstra customer and I greatly disappointed that the comp that I had entered whole heartedly lied to its participants. I am happy for the people that won, but I myself am very disappointed in this outcome for all of us. I entered another 1D Telstra Comp last year to my disappointment it was unfair to all its participants again then as well. It is making 1D and Telstra look terrible.
From One Direction Fan and Telstra Customer Mary-Joy H.

What I’d like Telstra to do:

I'd like you to acknowledge this bit of feedback I have sent you. I hope this will help you in future comps you run because I will not be entering another single one of them you offer as now I know that they are unfair to their participants. This was my very last hope of winning to see One Direction for their australian tour, I have tried every comp that has been offered with no result of course. This comp has upset me most though as it has everyone else that has entered. If you'd like to talk to me about this please ring me Iam more then open to talking it through further.

U didn't follow ur T & C's and didn't clearly state that the winners would be from the top 20.