Dear Sir: I Love You

Subject: Dear Sir: I Love You
Date: 1 Apr 2017

For some unknown reason, I was always drawn to tragic tales of forbidden love. Star-crossed lovers who were destined to meet but aren't meant for each other. Little did I know, I would feel the same way the couples I have read about long ago felt. Love that was frowned upon. Love that was not supposed to happen. Love that might not be returned.

I am writing this now because you have been bothering my heart and mind for two semesters now. Who knew that I, a girl who's standards are based on fictional men mostly created by Nicholas Sparks, would fall for someone like you. A man who many disliked. A man who could greatly affect my studies with just one move. A man who so many students and colleagues misunderstood.

Sir, at first I didn't like you. I was so scared when you first walked into the classroom with purposeful strides.So if I was so scared of you and I disliked you, how did I come to fall for you? Well, the next few months after that first meeting you started to show sides of yourself you didn't want many students to see. That elusive smile started appearing here and there. You would finally crack a few jokes. And there was just something about the way you teach that inspired me to become someone like you. I always believed that numbers and I don't mix well, but you helped me every step of the way until I became one of your best students in pharmaceutical calculations. You motivated me to do better and to keep going in the times that I needed it the most. Thank you for that Sir.

It all started with the different tone you used to say my name. The way you would wander near my seat when you taught us. But there was nothing, not even a spark at first. Until suddenly, I was starting to develop a crush. A little crush on the super smart, tall, secretly funny, and mysterious professor. Come second semester and that little crush would grow into something a little bit deeper. I was falling hard, and falling fast. I became the person you contacted for instructions even though I wasn't the class president. It was always *my name* this, *my name* that during the lecture. You liked the fact that I knew almost all the drugs you were talking about and knew at least one example for each drug classification. From facebook private messages, it moved to texting. You were funny outside of class, not exactly the demon prof everyone pegged you to be. I started to understand why you act the way you do in the university.

You were the first person to greet me a merry christmas, you even included my family in that greeting. The smiles you gave me grew wider, even my classmates started to notice how close we were getting. On my birthday, you were also the first person to give a birthday message. You did miss the birthday dinner because you had an appointment with the dean, but you still made me feel that you wanted to be there and that you wanted all the best for me in the future. As much as I want to narrate all our moments here, I can't.There was no relationship between us other that being teacher and student. But I had feelings and I hope you have them too. You were the first guy I liked that I could see a future with. Yes, you're 8 years older than me, but who cares?

For you to love me back seem impossible for me despite the mixed signals you give. Yet I continue on with this foolishness. A young college girl loving a successful professor who is already stable in life. A man who might just be being nice to her. A man who might break her heart if he knew.

I know you won't be able to read this, but here I am. This is me telling you that I am in love with you sir.