Dear puppy mills,

Subject: Dear puppy mills,
From: anonymous
Date: 15 Dec 2017

Dear Puppy Mills,

These animals are being treated like objects. They don’t have space to run and play. Instead they run in circles in their cage that barely has space to stand up, and while they do have food, shelter and water, they are still being pulled down by the terrible living conditions that make it unsafe for the breeding dogs and the puppies that are being exploited. The breeding dogs don’t have a shot at a happy and fair life and once they are deemed too old to be bred they are killed off and replaced by younger unlucky dogs. The cages these poor animals live in hurt the ones living in them. They suffer cuts and bruises from the cages and even go days at a time without proper feeding and water. There needs to be a stop to all puppy mills in the United States, or at least much tougher and regulated restrictions. There are many unlicensed puppy mills in the United states that starve their dogs and there’s little police enforcement on them. Together we can put an end to Puppy Mills. California set the example that all other states should follow. The ban of Puppy Mills in California made Pet stores sell dogs from shelters. Instead of selling puppies from mills, shops in California are now required to sell only shelter dogs. This means that there will be much less dogs being put down in shelters. Even without a ban, we can still help to end mills. Avoid pet stores and adopt a pet from a shelter instead. Donate to local or national organizations helping these animals in need. Sign petitions and spread awareness on this issue. Puppy Mills have no space in the world and we should do what we can to stop them