Dear men and women who love a soldier

Subject: Dear men and women who love a soldier
From: Courtney
Date: 7 Jan 2018

I just spent two powerful weeks with my fiancé before watching him board a plane to head back to his bride. His ‘bride’ is the Military for the next two years. It is hard being so far apart. We fight all the time when he is away. We bicker about dumb shit like what time to facetime or if he thinks about me when he is away. Hell we even fight over whether or not we are still in love. This fight phase doesn’t last long before we find our routine again and look forward to talking but it is hard.

If you are in a relationship with a soldier you know what I mean when I say we don’t see each other very often but when I see him coming toward me in the airport he makes my heart race then he grabs me up and hugs me so tight I can’t breathe. There is no better feeling than that moment because I know that while we are together I will get the best of him and he will get the best of me. Even though I miss him every day, I respect my man for carrying out his commitment to our country and taking his responsibility seriously.

Military relationships are hard, the time apart sucks, but men and women, if you are in this situation don’t quit. It is a temporary arrangement, your circumstances suck but your life with your soldier does not reflect in your fights and arguments. If you make this time about you and what makes you comfortable you will miss out on the best gift of all. The life you have planned together when the circumstances change.

So stay on board, love your soldier, let him fight with you because he misses you. Don’t lose patience and always try to remember what it is like to be in his or her arms, keep your relationship together in focus and quit bitching about them being so far away. If you are in a relationship with a soldier you are the reason he or she is fighting for freedom.