Dear Love

Subject: Dear Love
From: Admirer
Date: 16 Feb 2021

Some believe you are sexual, purely physical, a “pull” if you will. While some describe you as a fairy tale, kind, something you can’t live without, while others can’t even describe you at all. What is this emotion that everyone desires to have, desires to feel, and desires to give. Even the dictionary has a hard time defining something so broad, so different to every individual it comes across. To me love is universal, it’s experienced by everyone and everything. Love isn’t defined by one thing. It isn’t just time spent, gifts given or emotions expressed. Love is everything, it is complicated yet easy. It is everywhere, yet nowhere at all. We love people, we love ideas, we love inanimate objects. Love isn’t just an emotion, but an act. An unconditional act that is not only desired by many, but needed by most. We need to feel something strong, something that drives us, changes us and gives us meaning- that is love. It’s a commitment formed from our own desires that drives us to be better, do better. Love isn’t just simply love. Love is built on a foundation. That foundation is trust, happiness, confidence, the belief that someone or something adds to your own happiness. Love is about committing even when things are hard and weary, because love is strong and does not fade with strain. Yet some, some have never even experienced love, and what a shame that is.