dear laws your so wrong

Subject: dear laws your so wrong
From: carey
Date: 19 Oct 2016

Dear laws:

Do you think your correct , is it right to make drugs that actually kill legal and drugs that improve the body illegal, for example marijuana vs cigarettes. Cigarettes do harm to their user cause them to die early and making their life a living hell, by causing lung problems and can actually take years off your life. Do you feel proud about that? You have been corrupts for so long especially in my country ,isn't america supposed to be the land of the free yet were not allowing freedom at all. States should be allowed to create their own laws without having to ask permission of the congress. Now laws, let's get on a drug that has major controversy “marijuana”. This drug has not serious harmful effect on the body and actually helps the body and can cure or treat major diseases, such as glaucoma and actually rebuilds cells and can reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. So laws what do you think is right. Do you really believe that states, counties,and people are so stupid that they can’t make there own decisions without being arrested, alone there are thousands of inmates in prison for marijuana related crimes that are unacceptable. So in conclusion you are terrible and and marijuana and other drugs should be legalized, and freedom of actions should be allowed.

Signed : carey