Dear, High School student!

Subject: Dear, High School student!
Date: 19 Sep 2019

My name Dustin, I am student in Grossmont College. I wrote this letter to share with everyone in high school. I have a friend whose always on social network. He told about school and hoe he was doing every day but he never studied in school and do homework. Then he can’t pass in high school to come college. If you want to go to college, u need to limit time to play with social network and talk about yourself. You need to get your time on social network to study and do homework or you can volunteer from every where if they need your help:” example: hospital, library…..”. It will be good for you in the future when u come to college or university. It will be helpful for u when apply to good university school because when u apply for school. They will check all your background what were you doing in the pass. If they saw your background was good maybe they will give you in the school. Then you will be in good university school to study and you will be have a good job in the future.