Dear Future Spouse… An open letter from me to you

Subject: Dear Future Spouse… An open letter from me to you
From: Me
Date: 24 Mar 2015

Dear future husband,

Hey. How are you? I just wanted to write to you to tell you that I am waiting for you. I’m waiting for you because I already love you. I’m waiting for you now and I will continue waiting for you until the day that God chooses to cross our paths.

I know that life can be hard and you might be tempted to despair or settle for relationships or situations that will not bring you true happiness or joy. But through all of this I just want you to know that I am also praying for you. Even though we may not have met yet, you are not alone in this. I know how you feel.

I know how easy it seems to just hook up with someone or use someone to fill in the loneliness that you feel in your heart. I know how tough it can be to say no to impurity. Just know that every time I feel this way, I think of you. I offer up this loneliness I feel in hopes that it will bring you some consolation on your journey. If you’re reading this, I hope you will do the same for me.

I hope you think of me when life gets hard. I hope you pray for me like I do for you. and just as much as I want you to wait for me, I don’t want you to wait for me. I want you to live your life to the fullest. I hope you take every opportunity to grow as a person and fall in love with God.

I want you to do this because this is what I’ll be doing with my life until the time comes when I can do it together with you. I am not going to sit around waiting for you to come sweep me off of my feet. I am going to live a life that allows me to be the best person I can be and grow to be in a place where I can love you as much as I possibly can when the time comes.

Whenever it is going to be that I can share my life with you, I want to give you all of my past experiences as a part of my gift of self . . . and I want it to be a great gift.

So please, Get out there and experience this beautiful gift of life that you have been given! Ill meet you somewhere along the way. So if you see me in a coffee shop or in a chapel, don’t be afraid to say hi (If in a chapel, let me pray first . . . I might be praying for you). Eventually we’ll get to catch up on everything that has happened since the last time our souls met.

I’ll be seeing you around.