Dear Future Husband

Subject: Dear Future Husband
From: I love you already, even if I can't have my donut yet.
Date: 3 Aug 2019

Dear Future Husband,

I am 31, and full of Wanderlust.

I spent some of my twenties and early thirties exploring the United States.
I have always been a curious person, feeling the need to see new places and
taste new foods and touch interesting things and listen to new sounds.

I have always been of the belief that my Future Husband will have that
same drive to explore, and travel, and experience all things new. I yearn
to have you with me, on long flights, endless car rides, walking aimlessly
through new cities, excited.... curious.

I want to go to New Orleans. I crave the smells and sounds and sights I've
read about, heard about. I want you with me when I pick my first voodoo donut.
I've thought about taking this trip alone, but my Spirit is holding me back,
as if you're mean to be there, too. And so you are, and so I resist.