Dear Future Girlfriend

Subject: Dear Future Girlfriend
From: Scott
Date: 25 Jun 2017


We don't know each other yet, but someday we will. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I am pretty confident you will read this before it's too late. It's going to be a eurphoric feeling taking care of you, make you laugh, make you feel loved to ensure our relationship was meant to be. Me..... I am a pretty calm and caring that love to laugh and give to others. The thing I miss the most about being in a relationship is making sure romance is presence.

I don't know when, where or how we will meet. You could be anywhere in the country, international or maybe you already live in Las Vegas. I am a believer in fate and "all things happen for a reason".

I am financially comfortable, so I want to do things. Such is travel, she could venture, but have my partner go with me.

I don't know how this works or if you will even see this letter, but I have no doubt we will cross paths soon.