Dear Ebay

Subject: Dear Ebay
From: Heartbroken Protester
Date: 28 Jul 2015

Hey Ebay!

I am writing in relation to your poorly-worded advertising. A clear breach of the Trades Descriptions Act.

I was under the impression I could find anything on your website. I mean over the years I have stumbled upon some questionable yet interesting items. I used to be impressed by your range and variety, a blessing and a curse.

So after hearing today that Tesco will be removing certain sugary products from their shelves in order to tackle childhood obesity I was outraged. Why should we all suffer?!

I love Ribena and am very much astonished that I will no longer be able to purchase it at my local Tesco. I decided I needed to protest. I wanted to dress up as a Ribena bottle in protest again the banning. I was going to parade around the store like Superman on a heartfelt mission to save Lois Lane. I felt it was my destiny.

That was until I scrolled through your site to look for a costume and to my absolute horror one could not be found!

How am I supposed to move forward with this protest and demonstrate to Tescos that depriving us of our sugary drinks is an unfair discrimination against those who are not obese?

How am I now going to exercise my rights to freedom of speech and be taken seriously?

No outfit, no way!

I hope you take my comments in to consideration Ebay.

Heartbroken Protester