Dear Donald Trump

Subject: Dear Donald Trump
From: Malcolm Harris
Date: 5 Oct 2017

Dear Donald Trump,
We are disgusted with you. So stop.

Please just stop. You tried to stop Muslim individuals from countries such as Iraq and Iran and Syria from entering the US. I don’t know if you realize how xenophobic this, considering you have the mental capacity of a 5 year old. And on top of this, you wanted to build a literal wall between Mexico and the U.S. to prevent illegal immigration into America. To stop a whole group of people from entering this country who might be trying to seek refuge in the “land of the free” is counterintuitive to the “message” that America was founded on. What kind of a role model are you displaying to children across America? You are showing these young impressionable boys and girls that it is okay to hate or dislike a group of people just because they are different. You called women pigs and condone molesting women by saying, grab ‘em by the pussy. Every single word that spews from your mouth is demeaning and oppressive especially your slogan “Make America Great Again,”however Mr. Trump “again” succeeds “before” which means America was great before, but America was not great before, so can you tell me when America was great before?

It definitely wasn’t during the 1700’s when America was founded on the bones and the blood of the indigenous tribes of America. It definitely wasn’t the 1800’s when America was built on the backs of millions slaves. It definitely wasn’t the 1900’s when women, people of color, and LGBT individuals had minimal to no rights. And it definitely isn’t 2000’s because we still have people like you with this same thought process and mentality. So tell me when was America great for everyone? Not just for you. The straight, white, male. Because if your idea of a “great America” is a White America, we have a serious issue. America is diverse, so to be great, all of this diversity has to be united. And it can’t be in unison with your racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic ass as the figurehead of America. So please, STOP.
Every oppressed group in America