Dear College

Subject: Dear College
From: Gracie
Date: 14 Apr 2020

Dear College.

You are like waiting in line to ride a roller coaster. First, it's exciting, but then that person waiting might start to feel scared or anxious for what's ahead. Eventually, she gets annoyed because it's taking so long that she starts to think about turning back, but she is so close to the front, that she decides to stay. Finally, it's her turn to ride the roller coaster, and it all becomes worth it.

You are exactly that, but with your own complications. Almost everyone nowadays has to go through you and those feelings. You are something I don't always understand, like why do you feel the need to be so expensive? I already give you my time, but now my money, and it’s a lot of money at that. Yes, financial aid does help, but not with all of it.

So, I won't only be broke when I am finished, but I’ll be in debt.

I would love to not go to you… but I have to because almost any good paying job requires some type of degree, and I won't ever be able to get a house with anything other than a high paying job. Which means I'm stuck with you for about 4 to 5 years, depending on how much stress I want to put myself through, and by stress, I mean classes.

Even after I finish you, I might not get the job right away that I put all of my time and money into learning about, but that's alright because at least I graduated. Which is something to be proud of. Right?

Not everyone can do that, whether that be because of financial issues, dropping out, a tragedy that puts studies on hold or a host of many other reasons, it is definitely something anyone who graduates should be proud of. No matter the degree or how much time it took to complete it.

Another thing that I don't quite understand is why are people judged for going to a less costly school, anyone attending you should be looked at as equal with no opinion on where you intend to do that. Going to further someone's education is hard enough in itself, so those people who are smart enough to save some money by going somewhere less expensive don't need any more criticism.

You're not always bad though, despite the loss of sleep, free time, and the occasional mental breakdown. I'm learning to become an independent adult, sorting out what's important and learning new things about myself. I am also gaining lifelong friends because we are all going through the same hardships that make us closer.

With that being said, I still can't wait to be finished with you… not having to worry if I had

homework or if I studied hard enough to pass a test. Those worries will be behind me, and I will be able to focus on my future. The future I am living because I attended you every day earning my degree.

It's all worth it though...right?

At least that's what everyone says.

I would like to think that's true, but I won't know until I am finished with you, which makes it even harder to do so since I don't know what the outcome will be. I wonder what my answer will be when someone asks, “was it worth it?” I'm not sure yet, but I hope it's, “yes, it is worth it”, because you are a lot of hard work for you not to be, and maybe that is part of what makes you “worth it” just knowing I was able to complete everything, even though at times I really do want to quit.

Not everyone needs to attend you to be successful, but it is becoming more and more uncommon for those occurrences to happen. Being successful is also different for a lot of people, so you’re meaningless to some, but because people think so highly of you, it's become increasingly hard to get away from you.

With all of that being said, I still “like” you, and I'll continue seeing you for a while. But in the future, when I think back to the days I attended you, hopefully I will only think of the good things that happened.

…making me glad I am sticking around and seeing you through till the end because I’m sure there will be a shiny roller coaster waiting for me, making it all worth it.