Dear Chemistry haters

Subject: Dear Chemistry haters
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Dear haters of chemistry,

I hear your complaints all over the place like for example that you have to write a lot in chemistry class and that if you want to get a degree in something that has to do with chemistry it takes so long like 4 to 5 years or something like that.I am going to tell you why chemistry works for me,but before i can tell you that i need to tell you why i started liking chemistry.

So let's get started with my life story,just kidding,but really let’s get started,the first time i started chemistery was in 7th grade.At the begging i hated it because of my teacher and becasue everybody hated it,then in the seacond term of my 7th grade year i saw a video about chemistery and he did a lot of cool stuff,then i was like this is the same chemistery we’re talking about the one we do in class i started liking chemistery and even though my teacher was horrible.

I still did my best in chemistry and after like half of the second term of school it was our first time going to a lab and we did a lot of amazing stuff.Some that blew up and some that changed color in its own.It started to become a lot better my experience and my work even though there was a lot of writing,and i think that a lot of people can get what i’m saying because they might like some thing that has lot of work which a lot of people might hate on,but you like it that's why people say everybody is different.

At the end i don't care if you like or dislike chemistry because it is my opinion at the end and like what i said at the paragraph before this everybody is different.When i go to a university I wanna become a chemist or a scientist,or I know that this doesn't have to do with the topic,but I want to be a soccer player.