Dear Bosch,

Subject: Dear Bosch,
From: Adrienne Tuba
Date: 17 Aug 2017

A mistake ought to happen...

While I'm a Bosch fan, having the third washing machine of your brand, this time I knew for the first sight I will be disappointed.

You've put the most used programme, 'Mixed load' right under the 90 C degree programme while the LED display only tells you the length of the programme.


It's a call for mistake happen. You put your favourite faux fur throw in, you're distracted being very busy and behind schedule, and bamm, the button stops at the 90 C degree programme instead of the 40 C degrees 'Mixed load'...

The result is ugly. I wsih I could just jump in the car, drive to TK Maxx and buy new one. But it's not available anymore. The couch in the guest bedroom will be naked. It is sooo sad :'-(

The solution is so easy. You could have put 'Drain' under the 90 C programme or, most obviously, could have set the 'Mixed load' as the first programme.

I find no logic not having the programmes set by increasing temperatures.

I have been very careful in the past year, bending down to double check if I set the programme correctly, double checking the minutes on the display indicating if I chose the right programme.

Not today. I was distracted. Under pressure of having two deadlines with work today, get the house and beds clean for the visitors tonight, all on my own...

I was repeating the tasks I had to complete in my head while putting my favourite faux fur throw in the machine and start the programme. I glanced at the button, seemed to be in ok position and forgot to double check th display. My mind was already at the next task