Dear Babydaddy,

Subject: Dear Babydaddy,
Date: 17 Jan 2018

Dear “Babydaddy”

You don’t deserve the title Babydaddy. You abandoned your responsibilities. You abandoned our child. You left our daughter just so you can be with some woman and do drugs. You left me to be a single mom. It’s hard. I struggle daily. While I try to make ends meet, your running around with some girl. You became a pothead, meth addict, a junky. What can you possibly get in life doing those things? Our child could have given you love. Our child could have given you support. She would have loved you beyond measures. She’d have given you the world if you had just given her a chance. But you didn’t. You left her. You left her questioning herself. She’s always asking me “where’s my daddy? Does he love me? Why doesn’t he ever want to see me? What did I do wrong?”. It hurts knowing my child blames herself for YOU leaving her. Why? Why would you do that to her? You traumatize her by coming every once in a blue moon. I’m having to cover for you. I’m having to make up excuses for you. I’m struggling to hold it together while you’re out getting high with no regrets. I’m having to explain to her that none of your pathetic choices were her fault. The only thing good you have done for us was given me a beautiful daughter and given her the best mom. I hate how you left her. I hate how you don’t feel remorse for your actions, but it’s ok. Why? Because she has a stepdad who loves her more then anything in this world and she calls him daddy. She has a daddy who will do anything in his power to make sure she’s taken care of. She has a daddy who tucks her in at night and gives her good night kisses.

What I want from you is an explanation. You owe her that much. Why did you leave her? Do you truly love her? Was being a parent that hard on you where you felt the need to disappear? Why would you choose drugs and an addict as a girlfriend over your own daughter? Why did you promise her so many promises then break them? Why did you do this to her? Why would you make her question herself over YOUR actions?

Our child is a beautiful little girl. She’s turning 6 in a short couple of months. She can spell. She can read. She can add. She helps with chores. She loves to help take care of her baby brothers and sisters. She loves to color. She’s so smart, loving, caring, and she’s perfect in every way. You wouldn’t know, but I’ve done an amazing job raising her without you. Maybe she’ll forget you soon. Maybe she’ll stop questioning herself and stop blaming herself for you leaving her. I hope she does. She deserves better then you. She’s got an amazing DADDY that isn’t you. I hope you see the damage you caused yourself when you finally grow up. We’ve survived. We’re ok. You did nothing to help and I’m ok with that. I’ll forgive you eventually, but right now I hate you. I’ll hate you until she forgets you.