Country Club (India) Pvt Ltd stop fooling innocent families

Subject: Country Club (India) Pvt Ltd stop fooling innocent families
From: Victimized Indian National
Date: 31 Jan 2016

Respected Sir/Madam,

Your Leisure, Hospitality & Entertainment properties across India especially the ones in Hyderabad and Bangalore are truly remarkable. Congratulations for setting up so many properties under your belt.
However, i want to question your strategy for selling Memberships and Vacation packages since i found it scoring very low on the scale of customer friendliness for below citied reasons.

1. We are asked to fill our mobile numbers on lucky draw coupons, distributed in Big Shopping Mall's across India, giving no idea to person filling this coupon as to who is conducting this lucky draw. Is your brand so poor that your employees hesitate to mention your company name while taking their mobile numbers.

2. Next thing to happen as expected is that we get call from your employee saying "Sir, you have won in a lucky draw contest and to collect your gifts please get your spouse along compulsorily to the XXX Mall". Still there is no mention of your company name by your employees. So we are under the impression that lucky draw contest is held by "XXX" Mall. We are continously chased via call to collect our gifts on time.

3. When we arrive at the venue, we are asked to attend a 1 hour individual presentation. The presentation room is compact and at a time many presenations are carried out by your employees for different families in a single room making it very noisy.

4. Your employees makes us feel comfortable first by asking certain personal whereabouts. Now your employee starts to introduce Country Club, Membership benefits, its presense in the world and happy customers. He says Country Club is having presense in almost every country like USA, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and almost everywhere in India. Fact: Its not present in other countries except Dubai, Singapore as of today. In India too not all cities have Country Club branches.

5. Sales representatives told that there is AMC to be paid by Membership owners yearly. Also they go on to say that this AMC needs to be paid only if one opts to go on Country Club vacations. AMC is not required to be paid if customers don't opt for holiday package at all. However, fact as per your Terms & Conditions is that AMC needs to be paid irrespective of Gym, Resort facilities & Vacations usage.

6. As per your sales representatives, Country Club Gym and local Resort facilities are free for lifetime no need to pay any additonal charges. Here AMC is represented as to be paid only for Vacations. However, fact as per your Terms & Conditions is Gym & local Resort facilities also come under AMC.

7. Sales representatives mentioned that, Three times a year customer is allowed to use Banquete Halls in local Country Club facilities with no additional charges and conditions. Explicitly we were confirmed that we don't need to take food from Country Club for our functions organised at their Banquete halls. However, as per Terms & Conditions, taking food is compulsory from Country club when using their Banquet halls.

8. Your Sales representatives mentioned free car and free driver facility when on vacation provided that we only pay for fuel expenses. However, we later got informed by your customer care that there is no such facility of free car and free driver.
9. We were also told, when planning for vacations there is NO freeze time for booking Country Club resorts across other locations, for all days in a year. However, as per your Terms & Conditions we got to know that there is Black out Week during Christmas and New Years's eve during which no bookings can be made.

10. Also we were not made aware of the BLUE, WHITE & RED vacations cards by your sales representatives. Since these are very important, to decide priority, while booking for your resorts

Because of all the above reasons and many other untold stories i am very sad to see such unethical practices being followed to make business.

Please revisit your company Goals, Vision & Mission before its too late.

Optimistically Proud Indian....