Complaint to Virgin Media - Re: fraud and misselling

Subject: Complaint to Virgin Media - Re: fraud and misselling
From: Mohammed
Date: 7 Nov 2015

Hi, I would like to raise an official complaint and would like a written response.
Firstly, when I originally called to transfer, the representative lied to me and tried to force me to cancel my subscription and take out 2 new subscriptions. He told me there was no way to transfer an account and I would have to pay £180 cancellation fee unless I took out 2 new accounts one in the new address my brother in law was moving to and one in my name in my current address. I asked to speak to a manager and he lied again and said that managers do not take calls.
I know he lied as I called again and spoke to someone in customer services who said I could do a transfer of responsibility and put me through to a manager.

Secondly, it has been 6 weeks of Sunday mornings spent talking to you on the phone in order try to transfer the account. I have been told several times that I would receive the forms in 3 days and have not. Why do you not have a simple online process as you do with your billings? I can join as a new customer over the phone in 5 minutes or online even, but to transfer you require such an arduous process? You do paperless billing to help the environment but not paperless transfers?
Thirdly, your manager by the name of Amir (I’ve guessed the spelling) told me he will send me the form by signed for delivery, and I will receive it by Wednesday 4th November, he also said he will call me on Wednesday to confirm I have received this. He took my mobile and work telephone number for this. He said if I did not then receive it then he will give me a discount on my package. After speaking to Jillian (again guessing the spelling) it seems he did not put this in his notes. He did not call me nor did I receive the forms. Can you track the recorded delivery?
Finally, the lady I spoke to before Amir, told me that my contract period would continue and a new term would not apply. This appears not to be the case. Why was I misled? Also I was not told there was a charge of £20 until today.
I would like each of my complaints addressed individually and the details of how I can escalate this complaint if your response is not to my satisfaction.